Cyber Security Challenge Level 3: Update Often

Welcome to level up your cybersecurity in October program from integrity first Corporation. It’s week three, and we’re going to talk about updating your software and the importance of it. 

Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in unpatched software. When new software updates come out to the public, it allows everyone, especially hackers, to learn about the weaknesses that were there and take advantage of them. 

Public Knowledge of those holes leave you and your organization as easy prey. So what should you do? You should update or patch your software. That makes you less vulnerable to security risks. If an update becomes available on your device, update it properly. Better yet, enable your phone, desktop, laptop to auto update, which will automatically install anything security wise that you might need automatically as soon as it’s available to you. 

In the case of a Red Cross breach as an example, they did not install an update fast enough and gave hackers access to over 50,000 people’s data. This is just one example of many malicious software attacks that happen every day and a perfect reason why you should update your software.

Join us next week for level four!