Check to see if your email/password combination has been exposed in a recent data breach

Because October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, we thought that we would take the next few weeks to highlight cyber security exposures that are common to law firms.

This week’s topic – Passwords!

Did you know that there is a website that you can go to check to see if your email/password combination has been a part of a data breach?  It’s called “Have I Been Pwned?” and you can access it here:

It contains over 12 BILLION username/password combos that have been exposed in recent hacks.

Go to the site and enter your email address to see if you have been exposed.  If so – change your password immediately for the account that was hacked.

Want to create a good password?

Try using these 7 criteria:

  • 12 characters or more in length
  • Contains an uppercase letter
  • Contains a lowercase letter
  • Contains a number
  • Contains a symbol
  • Does not contain real words that could easily guessed by a dictionary attack
  • Hasn’t been used before as a password by your email address

Need help remembering each unique password?  Invest in a password manager, like 1Password or KeePass.

Questions about risk mitigation for this exposure? Call us at 412.563.2106

Next week, we will discuss multi factor authentication!