What Does Liquor Liability Insurance Cover?

Happy Holidays and  Tis the season for Family, decorations, cookies, gifts and the office party!  Especially this year since most if not all of our offices were closed last year due to the pandemic. 

If an office party is on your calendar enjoy it and have a great time but as my mom always told me be careful and watch what you drink.  Especially if you are the owner of the business. 

Not only do you have to watch yourself, but you have to watch what your guests are drinking.  It is easy to over indulge at any parties but it seems like it is easier to do so at the office Christmas/Holiday Party and as you know accidents do happen.

So if you’re planning a holiday party and are going to be serving alcohol, consider the purchase of what is known as host liquor liability coverage.  It can provide you protection in those situations when an over-served guest at your party is involved in some sort of accident, causes harm to someone and that someone looks to you for damages.  

I’m not trying to be a holiday grinch here – just trying to help you be prepared for the unexpected and keep those holidays happy!  Enjoy your office party and have a wonderful holiday season! 

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