Why Do You Need a Dual Calendaring System?

The importance of dual calendaring.

According to the most recent ABA studies, malpractice claims stemming from calendaring errors continue to be a common mistake made by law firms. One of the ways to reduce calendaring errors is to make sure that your firm or office has a dual calendaring system in place.

Dual calendars can include calendars on your computer, laptop, desktop, other electronic devices, paper calendars, wall calendars, desk calendars, diaries, phones, there’s a slew of them. My point being is that there are actually several ways to implement a dual calendar system, and you should choose one that works best for you and your firm.

The risk management benefit of having a dual program in place is the backup benefit. If a calendar entry is missed on one system, it should be picked up by the other system. Hence the chance of a missed deadline by the office is reduced with a dual calendar system. consistency with the entering of the information, weekly cross checking of the system and having two people maintaining the system are key elements to a successful program.

So if you want to reduce your risk of a legal malpractice claim, and lower your malpractice insurance premiums, make sure you have a dual calendaring system in place. 

What is the Difference Between Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance?

What is the difference between professional liability insurance and general liability insurance?

The best way to answer that question is really just to give you a couple of examples. A professional liability policy covers the professional for the work that he or she does on behalf of their clients. So a lawyer’s professional liability policy would cover a lawyer for those professional services that they are doing or performing for their clients.

A general liability policy is what we like to call “slip and fall insurance”. If somebody were to walk into your office and slip and fall where they may get hurt a little bit, they could turn around and sue you for bad back medical claims or their hospital visit, etc. This is where your general liability policy would come into play.

As general liability and professional liability kind of sound the same, they are two very different types of coverage.