Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

Labor Day is upon us, which means it’s the month of September, which brings us back to the fact that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. You know, when most people think about life insurance, they’re usually thinking about two different types of policy – either a term life policy, or a whole life insurance policy. Do you know the difference?

Term Life Insurance

My opinion is pretty straightforward and pretty cut and dry. Term Life insurance is just that – it’s only life insurance. You purchase the policy for a certain amount of time, and you have the life insurance for the length of that term, or that amount of time.

Most people consider a term life policy when they’re buying a house. Let’s say you buy a house for about $300,000; you have a 30-year mortgage on it, you then go out and you buy a 30-year term life policy for $300,000. In the unfortunate event that you perish during that term, the $300,000 is paid out, and that goes to pay off the mortgage on the house. There is no cash value at the end of the 30 years.

If you’re fortunate enough to live a long life and you live past that 30-year term, the insurance just ends, and you walk away from the contract.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance is a little bit different. Whole life insurance does have a savings component associated with it. Therefore, every time that you pay your premium, a certain amount of that premium will go to pay for the life insurance and a certain amount of that premium will go into an investment vehicle.

At some point during the term of that whole life policy, you’ll start to build up a little bit of a nest egg or a value or sum that you’re able to withdraw from. Some of them allow you to even take a loan against it. Again, in the unfortunate event that you do pass during the term of whole life insurance policy, the life insurance proceeds are in fact paid out.

But again, if you do live that long and happy life, and you live past the term of that whole life insurance policy, you will in fact have a nest egg that you can withdraw or take a loan from and spend any way that you want to.

One thing to keep in mind is that term life insurance policies are usually less expensive than a whole life policy. I hope this little bit of information helps you decide which type of life insurance is best for you.

Life Insurance Awareness Month Is Approaching

It’s hard to believe it’s mid-August already. Pretty soon it’ll be September and fall will be here. Speaking of September, I want you to keep in mind that September is life insurance Awareness Month. It gives us all a good chance to sit back and review the changes that have occurred over the past year, and how those changes affect our life insurance coverage.

If you bought a new house, sold a house, had a new baby, maybe your oldest child went to college, or there’s several other situations that could impact the life insurance coverage, but certainly those ones just mentioned really do impact your need for life insurance.

Take a couple of minutes during the month of September and review your situation. If you have any questions with regards to life insurance, give me Don Ivol a call at 412-563-2106. I’ll be happy to review it with you.

In the meantime, don’t forget, take a couple of seconds and enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer. Whether you go golfing, go on vacation, or visit one of our lakes in Pennsylvania like I am. Everybody deserves to enjoy a couple weeks of rest and relaxation.

How To Reset Your Password For The INF ShareFile Portal

In this article, we’re going to review what to do if you forgot your password to the INF ShareFile portal. The first thing to do is not worry, it only takes a few minutes to reset the password.

To start that process, go to integrityfirstins.sharefile.com and click on the forgot password link. Now, you’ll want to enter your email address in the field.

The email address that you’re going to want to use is the email address that is associated with your legal malpractice application. That’s most likely the email address that INF used to give you access to the portal. Once you have your email in, click the I’m not a robot, and go through the rigmarole that Google is going to require to prove that you are in fact human. Click Send.

This should result in a Reset Password email being sent to your email address.

Go to your inbox and you might have to do a refresh to see that email come in. Click on that email and you can see that there is a reset your password now link contained within the text of the message.

If you do not receive the reset ShareFile password email in your inbox, you’ll definitely want to check your spam folder, there is a chance that your email provider may look upon the reset ShareFile password email as spam.

Click on the reset your password now link.

ShareFile reset password

You can see for security purposes, INF has a few password requirements. The password needs to have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, two numbers, a special character and it has to be at least 12 characters in length. So select a new password that you’ll want to use for the portal.

Make sure that you typed them the same and then click on Reset password. You can see ShareFile will confirm your account password has been reset. Now if you want to sign in to the portal, click on back to sign in. Put in your email address, put in that new password and click on Sign In. 

If you have any questions about password reset process, email Stacey Ivol at sivol@integrityfirstins.biz or call at 412-563-2106.